CET: Beginners IT 2014 @TheMostFromIT

Beginners IT Workshops Training 2014

Capital Example Training (CET) will be running Basic IT workshops each Wednesday and Thursday (13:30 - 16:30) from 18 June 2014 until 28 August 2014.

A maximum of 3 places are available at each session. A half day session will be a bargain price of €20.

Below are some of the things the course will cover:

  1. MS Word
    • Opening and Closing a document
    • Creating a document
    • Formatting a document
    • Example: Writting a CV
    • Adding pictures
  2. MS Excel
    • Opening and Closing a spreadsheet
    • Creating a spreadsheet
    • Formatting a spreadsheets
    • Example: Household Budget
    • Creating graphs
  3. Social Media Skills
    • Creating an account in Twitter, Facebook and Google+
    • Connecting with Friends
    • Sending public and private messages
    • Being save online
  4. Shopping Online
    • Online shopping, setting up an account with Ebay
    • Buy goods on Ebay
    • Selling goods on Ebay
    • Being save online

If you would like more information or to book your place, please get in touch with us on 01 443 4321 or info@cet.gno.ie